3 Ways to get better at Jiu-Jitsu faster

Get better at Jiu-Jitsu faster

3 Ways to get better at Jiu-Jitsu faster

Let’s face it, we all wish we could could get better at Jiu-Jitsu faster but the truth is Jiu-Jitsu is not easy.

There are a few things you can do to maximize your training each week and get the most out of each session.

Assuming you have mat space, a dedicated drilling partner and a video camera, here are 3 tips for getting better faster.

[step_graphics style=”2″ color=””][step style=”2″ text=”1″ headline=”Drill a new movement 100 X Each Week”]

Make sure you have a dedicated drilling partner and pick out one combination of moves ex. Cross Knee Pass to Back Attack.
Bring a drilling journal to class and record each drilling session. Make sure to get 100 reps per week.
So if you train 4 days per week then each training day make sure you get at least 25 reps in per session on top of your normal training. Remember this is EXTRA training that you are doing to improve your game faster than your peers

[/step][step style=”2″ text=”2″ headline=”Practice with a specific goal each time you roll”]

Instead of just rolling and going with the flow of things, set a goal for every round that you spar.
You can adjust this goal depending on the level of experience each training partner brings to the the table.
For example if you are rolling with someone you can beat pretty easily make it a goal to only take the back and finish from the back. Or if you are rolling with someone who makes you tap 2 or 3 times per round set a goal to survive that round and not get submitted.
Write down in your journal your successes and failures and take note on what you need to work on

[/step][step style=”2″ text=”3″ headline=”Take a Private Lesson Once per month”]

Now that you are tracking your training and you know what holes you have in your game, schedule a private lesson with your instructor once per month to tweak your game and watch your Jiu-Jitsu improve leaps and bounds over your classmates.
Sometimes it is difficult to get all of the attention you need during a normal class but a private lesson allows you personal attention to ask questions and get specific details about problems you are having in your Jiu-Jitsu development.


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